Clinical consultation

I have both specialized clinical training in serving LGBTQI clients and lived experience as a queer and trans person trying to navigate the health and mental health service landscape in the South. I’m dedicated to using my professional training and personal experience to expand culturally-affirming healing options available to LGBTQI North Carolinians. I am currently available to provide fee-for-service consultation to clinicians who wish to serve intersex, trans, and queer clients. Whether you’re a therapist who is new to working with LGBTQI clients and wants to increase your general competency or you’re a clinician who has lots of experience serving LGBTQI clients and wants fresh insight, I will engage your questions with authenticity, open-mindedness, patience, and creativity. Contact me to discuss your needs and my rates for clinical consultation services.

Training & education

I’m passionate about working with social service and public health organizations as they increase their ability to better serve trans people and to create trans-affirming environments for employees. Training is often an important step in the process. It can help to open up a conversation about how queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people might experience your agency, and how your agency might provide a more gender-affirming environment for its clients and employees. Training can also intellectually and emotionally engage people who are newly learning about LGBTQI identity, helping to move LGBTQI equity from a “special interest” topic to an integral part of your agency’s culture. I am comfortable training on topics such as:

  • Gender identity/transgender 101, including impact of intersecting oppressions;

  • Creating affirming environments for employees with marginalized gender identities;;

  • Unique service needs of trans and intersex clients;

  • Ethical social work practice with trans, intersex, and sexual minority clients;

  • Location of self and self disclosure for LGBTQI practitioners; and

  • Violence in and against LGBTQI communities.

I have created trainings and staff in-services for organizations ranging from Farm Sanctuary to the UNC CH School of Social Work. As a trainer, I strive to be engaging and respectful, to use experiential methods, to harness participants’ wisdom, and to build bridges across difference. I tailor my content to your organization and its unique goals. Depending on what you hope to accomplish, I may recommend collaborating with a co-trainer that brings identities and experiences different than my own to the work.

If you want to take steps toward making your organization a more equitable place for intersex, trans, and gender-diverse people, get in touch with me about your needs.

For agencies who want to move beyond education on LGBTQI identities to more focused organizational change work, I provide additional consultation services. The consulting process can include client-centered steps such as reviewing intake protocols and paperwork and employee-centered steps such as reviewing human resources policies. These steps are aimed to help uncover and correct the ways cis- and hetero-centrism may be inadvertently reflected in your agency’s policies, procedures, and practices. My approach to this work is compassionate, data-driven, and evidence-informed. While the goal is to help your agency advance its LGBTQI equity practices, there are many paths to get there. We can work to develop a process that fits your agency’s needs.

LGBTQI equity is not out of your organization’s reach. Together, we can help your agency to identify tangible, actionable, and meaningful steps so that you agency is a force for good in the lives of LGBTQI North Carolinians. Contact me for more information about these consulting services.

Organizational consultation