About me

*Please note that in order to protect you and all my clients, I have received the 2019-2020 flu shot.*

I’m a white, queer, trans Southerner. I’m a devoted companion to my two dogs, Ted and Fern, and my cat, Forest. I love hiking, gardening, cooking, and reading. I deeply value both my biological and my chosen families. I spend a lot of time thinking about politics, human nature, and generational healing. I’m committed to anti-racism work and to dismantling gender and sexual orientation as organizing structures for power in society.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Center image courtesy of Dare Kumolo-Johnson


I have a Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in direct practice from UNC Chapel Hill and hold an associate’s license from the North Carolina Social Work Certification and Licensure Board. While completing my degree at UNC CH, I had two field placements. My most recent placement was at Duke’s Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic, where I spent a year and a half. At Duke, I did individual therapy, group therapy, assessment, and case management with intersex, trans, non-binary, and questioning young people and their families. Prior to Duke, I did intake, case management, and brief therapy with uninsured and underinsured clients at UNC’s Internal Medicine Clinic.

I have training education, and/or experience with Relational-Cultural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and therapeutic horticulture.

I have also had the opportunity to participate in a year-long therapeutic horticulture training program at the North Carolina Botanical Garden and will be done with that training in June 2019.

Before returning to UNC, I worked in public health and community engagement for a decade, addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. I have experience volunteering as a domestic violence response worker and formerly worked full-time at the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence for almost 5 years. I graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2003, where I double-majored in Psychology and Modern German History and Culture.

Because I believe my budget reflects my values, I strive to be open about how I prioritize my own professional development. In 2019, I plan to attend the following trainings and conferences:

  • The Southern Trans Health and Wellness Conference

  • Roots and Resilience: White Antiracism and Spirituality

  • UNC Clinical Lecture Institute – Values as Guiding Principles: Learning to Leverage Values Work in ACT

  • North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Certificate Program in Therapeutic Horticulture

  • EMDR Level I training


I owe my ability to practice healing work to the people who have loved and supported me in my journey. While not an exhaustive list, I am especially grateful to the following people for their mentorship and friendship:

  • My parents, who love and nourish me unconditionally and inspire me with their generosity

  • My sisters, nieces, and their crews, who embrace my idiosyncrasies and make my world a safer place

  • My partner, whose big heart and brain bring so much goodness to my life

  • My chosen family members, who constantly affirm me and remind me of the power of queer love

  • Sue Dooley, the first and most beloved social worker in my life, whose great love for people made an early impression on me

  • Pat Harper, who was larger than life and held me fiercely during a tough time

  • Knapp and Farmer, who always made time to talk and provided shelter from the storm

  • Lerita Coleman Brown and Kathy Kennedy, who helped me believe that my dreams are worth following

  • Suki Dooley, who was the best healer I’ve ever known

  • Vivette Jeffries Logan and Judy Chaet, elders whose love and support has nourished and taught me.

  • Tavi Hawn, who first showed me that it is possible to be trans

  • Liz Gunn, who helped me see that not all unknowns are to be feared

  • Dani Strauss and Marty Weems, who walk beside me in this work with creativity, compassion, and courage