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*Accepting new clients as of October 2019*

I work with non-binary, trans, and intersex communities, as well as those who are questioning, around identity exploration.

I’m also committed to providing culturally resonant services to queer, trans, and intersex people experiencing:

  • Addiction

  • Activism burn out

  • Anxiety

  • Career uncertainty

  • Challenges related to interpersonal and structural oppression

  • Chronic disease

  • Depression

  • Life transition

  • Relationship struggles

I work with youth ages 12 and older and adults. I sometimes work with clients younger than 12 around identity exploration. Whether you want to specifically work on identity exploration or you want to explore other facets of your life and wellbeing, you are welcome here.

Additionally, I work with families and loved ones of queer, trans, and intersex people as they seek to learn new ways to be in relationship with people who have marginalized gender and sexual orientation identities. I have a passion for working with the parents/guardians of young people who are transitioning.

I also work with people who are asexual, non-monogamous, polyam, those who practice kink, and anyone else whose sexuality is marginalized. I’m able to provide relationship therapy for those who are seeking new ways to relate to their partner(s).

I believe in the transformative power of talk therapy that is evidence-informed, culturally-specific, and tailored to a client’s needs. I also recognize that for many clients, their cultural healing needs extend beyond talk therapy. I can work with clients to do talk therapy, therapeutic horticulture, and nature therapy in whatever combination would be the most healing.


I work within a model that centers Relational-Cultural Therapy and that draws on elements of other modalities - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and therapeutic horticulture - in a way that is best tailored to each client’s unique needs.

I am committed to intersectional liberation and actively engage in anti-oppression practices and advocacy. Racial and gender justice are critical components of my work.

I encourage my clients to bring all parts of themselves into the therapeutic space. My practice affirms people in marginalized relationship constellations and with marginalized sexual identities, including non-monogamy, polyamory, those who practice kink, and people who are asexual. I have a fat-positive approach and body liberation lens, which means I collaborate with my clients to address the harmful impacts culture exacts on their relationships with their bodies. I welcome those with marginalized racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and marginalized immigration statuses.

As a therapist, I center human relationships and regard the relationship between therapist and client as a tool for healing. My style is to be engaged, warm, supportive, and, when appropriate, challenging. I take my work seriously and also see humor as an integral part of therapy.

In therapy, we will:

  • explore how well-worn interpersonal patterns show up in your current relationships;

  • directly engage with the identities you hold, considering how these identities influence your experiences both in therapy and in the world more broadly; and

  • work together to better understand the relationship between your identities and your values and how you can live a life that is in service to your most deeply held values.

I believe that your thoughts and feelings are valid markers of who you are and how you experience life. Part of our therapeutic process will be to determine how you can relate to your thoughts and feelings in a way that allows you to live the kind of life you hope for.


My rate for talk therapy sessions that last 50 minutes is $120 , but reduced rates are available based on need.

I am an out of network provider with insurance plans and I am happy to provide you with the information necessary for you to file for out-of-network benefits, if this is your preference. I currently going through the process to get paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you wish to file with BCBS, get in touch with me about arrangements. I will not be in network with the State Health Plan, Blue Value, or Blue Local, but I will be in network with other BCBS plans.

I’m committed to providing services to trans people, and particularly those who have intersecting marginalized identities. I reserve 25% of my caseload for trans and intersex clients who need a sliding scale and I can also accept alternate compensation structures when arranged up front. My sliding scale ranges from $30-120 a session and is based on availability. If my regular session rate is not feasible for you, please get in touch with me and we can further discuss a financial arrangement that will make therapy possible. I do not want financial struggles to prevent you from getting the care you need.

Contact me for rates on therapeutic horticulture.